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Cleo Franklin, CEO of Franklin Paralegal Services LLC

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Cleo Franklin, CEO of Franklin Paralegal Services LLC

Franklin Paralegal Services, FPS was founded by Cleo Franklin in 2011 out of Washington State. Upon receiving her Paralegal degree from Skagit Valley College, Cleo went on to study Law and Society at Pennsylvania State University.

After serving Washington State clients for more than ten years, Cleo returned home to Colorado in 2021 and formed Franklin Paralegal Services LLC.

Franklin Paralegal Services LLC is now based out of downtown Denver and serves clients throughout the West. 

Cleo has built a reputation of being trustworthy and understands firsthand, the growing need for affordable legal help and is determined to meet those demands.

"Cleo was amazing- explained the ins and outs of everything! She also was so kind and wonderfully understanding. I would recommend her to anyone who needs flexible payment plans and someone who takes all the shame out of this whole process. She is so eager to help and is so supportive. Thank you Cleo, I appreciate you forever."